About KEEP.Rentals

Who We Are

KEEP.Rentals appreciates the importance of your personal property. When medieval people needed to protect items, they would build a KEEP. As KEEP construction became more sophisticated, they were included in castle designs throughout Europe. A castle KEEP was often the most secure place to store belongings. 


KEEP.Rentals brings that same concept to modern times. When you need a storage solution that secures your personal items from the elements and scoundrels alike, bring them into the KEEP.

Why Us?

Because our facility is not only clean, well-lit, and locally owned, it is secure and convenient. 

With a 24 hour surveillance system, we can assure your belongings are safe with us. All of our units are temperature and humidity controlled, which protects your belongings from any possible mold and moisture damage.

We also offer easy online leasing and payments, and access to your locker via our smartphone app. We are committed to keeping your belongings safe!